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Welcome to Ingenieurbüro Nibbe

Our services:

Since many years we are operating in the field of marine engineering. As an experienced engineering company we are specialized in the execution of damage surveys in the versatile field of the maritime sector. Thereby our clients are primarily insurance- and shipping companies. The field of our activities ranges from the inspection of ship engine damages up to condition- & welding-surveys and valuations of sportboats and mega-yachts. Our services portfolio is completed by multi-purpose engineering services such as the planning and execution of shipyard stays and measuring activities (e.g. engine diagnostics, laser measurements ). As your partner we are operating globally. Please contact us for further information. We are your surveyor in Hamburg.  

Our services at a glance:

  • Damage-Surveys
  • Valuations and Welding-Surveys
  • Offshore (Barge- and Ballst-Engineering)
  • Planning and execution of shipyard stays and ship rebuilds
  • Stability-Calculations of ships
  • Calculation of load securing systems
  • Flagstate-Inspections
  • etc.
Besides insurance- and shipping companies lots of considerable indastrial- and marine companies are part of our clientele. Our offices...
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New Office

Our new office is located in Buxtehude, Ostfleth 8. Phone:+49(0)4161-7220620 Fax:+49(0)4161-7220622...
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Design and construction of heat accumulators

Heat accumulators - based on a parafin wax filling - keep your combustion engines warm before starting. The rate of tear and wear and consequently the cost will be reduced ! We are designing latent heat accumulators by using paraffin wax in order to reduce the running warm period of combustion engines. We already designed a heat storage device for small car diesel engines. The cold running period has been reduced extremely and consequently the rate of wear and tear, too. Pls contact us, if you require more detailed information....
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